In With You Stampin’ Up Artwork Contest


Here is a link to the Social Website for Stampin Up!


This allows Demonstrators and Hobbyists/Customers to create, submit and possibly win Prizes!  That’s right,  $ for more Stampin’ merchandise!  If you are not interested in the challenge, please sign up anyway for great inspiration!


Illustrated Sayings, Plays on Words, Puns : Browse Recent Ideas

Contest dates: July 18–August 31, 2013
Submit ideas early so you have plenty of time to gather support for your work (you know—get your friends to vote for your design).
Contest theme: Illustrated Sayings, Plays on Words, Puns
Go ahead—wow us with your brilliance, make us laugh till we cry, show us just how witty you are. Send us one to five of your funniest, cleverest, and cutest illustrated puns, plays on words, or sayings.
Prizes*:    1st place:  $200 US/$200 CAN Visa Gift Card    2nd place: $150 US/$150 CAN Visa Gift Card     3rd place:  $100 US/$100 CAN Visa Gift Card *Winners determined by number of votes.
Be sure to read the Submission Guidelines by clicking the link at the bottom of the page before submitting your designs.
Your images may be our next great stamp set! We can’t wait to see your designs!
Items to note: ~While we encourage hand drawn sayings, you may use fonts. If you use a font, please indicate      which font you used ~All sayings must be attributed to the correct source ~Trademarked sayings/puns may inhibit us from creating your stamp ~Some fonts carry special licensing agreements which would also prohibit us from creating your   stamps
Please note that this is design challenge and only ideas submitted with imagery will qualify to win.


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